Das Spiel mit den Nadeln

Well, it was the time now! Many emails with Miss Daria planning our session. On board the S3 train at hbf for Harburg Rasthaus, elavator from platform to „Sand“, into the Studio. Welcome from this wonderful experienced domina once again. She looked so good for me, her mature and experienced guest.

We had planned our long 2 hour session with for only needling and flogging. Miss Daria had prepared all the requirements for our session with great care and hygiene. She took me naked to the couch and secured me face down with cuffs, rope and shackles so that I could only move.

She started at the top of my back, needles in pairs. She wanted the needles to be close with an even pattern. The insertion pain was so good. She slowly continued down my back, counting at each needle insertion. My pain increased as the needling moved down my back. At 40 needles, she paused and then started to massage and move my back to make the needles pierce and pressure my skin. My pain increased but it was good pain and Miss Daria was enjoying my reactions. Then, she started to attach the rubber bands to each needle and attach them to a chain above me. When this was all done, she started to rock the chain, gently at first, to greatly increase my pain. It was soooo so good. She talked with simpatico all the time. It was a together moment.

Then, she wanted to give me a good flogging on my arse while I was still needled and attached to the chain. The double pain on my back through the needles and the flogging was intense. I was in another world.

Then it was all over, except the needles had to be removed. She asked me whether she should be mean, with more pain on removal. I agreed, as I wanted more pain before we finished. I was bleeding but the needle scars were small. I was emotionally exhausted.

As always, a session with Miss Daria is very special. She is a real needling artist of pattern and pain. This session was just fantastic and I now know that I can take more than 40 needles in a session and that we can deal with both breasts, C & B and my back at our next needling session. Thank you so much and I will back soon for more.



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