…from Silberfuchs

There is nothing like the feeling of unconditional surrender to someone you like and feel liked by. Handing your life and self over to the caring, strict and responsible dominatrix, Miss Daria, is the ultimate freedom in the end.

Her chains do not restrain, but secure you. Her control does not hold you back, but lead you towards a better you. Her grip does not force, but protects you. Her words do not order you around, but guide you on a meaningful path. Her punishments do not accuse, but excuse you from guilt. Her power over you does not oppress, but relieves you to freedom.

Surrender is not always an act of the weak towards the strong, giving up something precious to survive, on their own. It can also be an act of the strong towards the stronger, exchanging something precious to live a better life.

I like to surrender to Miss Daria

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